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Qualifying round

The tournament is open to students between the age of 12 and 17. Your school will provide ten racers to participate in a qualifying session a week before the tournament, which will consist of two five minute sessions. The purpose of the qualifying session is to select the final team of six drivers who will race on the tournament day. This selection shall be on the basis of average lap time. This will determine the team of the quickest six racers that will represent the school on race day.

Tournament day

The team that was selected in qualifying will compete against similar teams from other schools for the term’s championship trophy. Each team gets a kart, and each driver gets 20 minutes on the kart. This translates to a 2 hour non-stop endurance race. It is left up to the racers to strategize on when to carry out their driver change over in order for their team to win and be crowned the Inter Schools Karting Champion.

The Charge

The six drivers on the final team will be required to pay Ksh.3,100 in order to participate in the tournament. That will be Ksh.18,600 for the whole team. That’s it. Please contact your school to register your child for an amazing experience and out of the ordinary competition.

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